Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood. - Acts 20:28


The OLI Fall Session Begins in New York to Strengthen US Mission

Nov 07, 2016 04:02 PM EST

The OLI Fall Session began on Monday September 26 in New York with an opening service, lectures, workshops and prayers to launch the two-week session that aims to strengthen members for U.S. mission through service in churches and ministries.


All students came from various locations and ministries, including US churches, Elim, YEF and Jubilee. The full day schedule began with a pair of classes and workshops, as well as a fellowship time. 

Classes were led in the morning with a biblical studies lecture on Romans 1, following a theological studies lecture about the Westminster Confession of Faith. A media workshop was led in the morning that encouraged students to practice writing about the mission field they are working and serving in.

Students participated in an afternoon activity where they wrote and shared reflections about the day's activities and then joined a prayer meeting in the evening.

OLI staff, which includes OA USA staff, is organizing and coordinating the overall schedule.

OLI is in the process of forumlating these sessions to be more regular, with this being the second program this year. The future OLI's will seek to increase in length and participants. 

"This OLI session is important due to its proximity to the upcoming General Assembly. The students who are attending are being strengthened to help advance U.S. mission more strongly, with strong conviction in the word and some practical knowledge they can employ in churches and ministries," said an OA staff.

Please pray for any additional students to attend.