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Planning for OLI 2nd Class Starts

Planning for OLI 2nd Class Starts

Apr 12, 2016 04:59 PM EDT


As it has recently shown a great mission development among the churches where the graduates from Olivet Leadership Institute were sent, OLI executive team gathered to finalize all evaluations for the first class and projected the plans for the next class of OLI.

"Because of the unceasing prayers and interests from all members, despite the hectic timeline for preparation, God's grace covered and raised the first class' students," shared Leah Khor, the director of OLI .

For the upcoming OLI's 2nd class, other world regions showed their interests in sending their members which will make the class even more diverse and international than the previous. With this year's goal to train 200 OLI students, teachers and staffs are united in prayer to continue putting efforts in creating textbooks, improving arrangements in logistics, financing, and developing teaching methods for mission. OLI will also plan out its branch schools into 2 other locations this year.