Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood. - Acts 20:28


One-on-one Mentoring

There will be one-on-one mentoring for students so that students can pray and have counseling with their mentors. The mentors are missionaries or ministers who have been serving the Lord in their mission fields throughout their youth life. Since the mentors have good knowledge on the Bible and much experience of counseling, they can help the students to find the answers to difficulties they’re experiencing, and discover God’s calling in their lives.

Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges have learned the answer the questions they had. After years of seeing leadership from a world view, Ken and Phil have looked deep into Scripture and discovered more leadership wisdom than they could have imagined. Journey down the “ancient paths”(Jeremiah 6:16) and learn how to lead like Jesus and make a difference in your life and in the lives of those you influence.


Students will have time to pray deeply in the evening times throughout the 3-week program. Prayer team will pray together with the students with shared prayer topics.

Worship Service

For Sunday worship service, students will be voluntarily involved to prepare for the service with music, cleaning, and prayer. Through the worship service, we hope everyone experiences the holiness of the Lord and offers their hearts to God in the heavenly worship.


Students will also have opportunities to serve for some events and activities during the course period. They can volunteer for cleaning, distributing food, organizing events and etc. as they wish. Through this, we’ll be able to learn to have serving attitude following the example of Christ.


Staff of World Olivet Assembly will deliver presentation to share the current mission situation, the vision and goal, and mission strategies. Campus fellowship leaders will also make presentation to let the students know about how the mission is growing on campus and how many missionaries are needed.