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Olivet Leadership Institute

OLI Summer Session Set for June 5-18 in New York

Olivet Leadership Institute's summer session will take place from June 5 (Monday) to 18 (Sunday) in Dover Plains, NY, Olivet Assembly USA announced. The announcement will allow US church leaders across the U.S. and Canada to begin preparing potential participants to join. The confirmed dates for the OLI US summer session were settled on in a

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  • Fall 2016 OLI Final Reflections and Feedback from Students

    At the conclusion of the 2016 Fall OLI program, students submitted their final reflections to staff and gave valuable feedback about what they learned from the program and how they would like to see the program improve in the future. This feedback will help to influence the future OLI programs as they develop over the course of the year to teach

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  • The OLI Fall Session Begins in New York to Strengthen US Mission

    The OLI Fall Session began on Monday September 26 in New York with an opening service, lectures, workshops and prayers to launch the two-week session that aims to strengthen members for U.S. mission through service in churches and ministries.

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  • The Epistle to the Romans Series

    The book that explains what is Salvation through Jesus Christ. The series of lectures give illuminating message to comprehend the theory of Salvation, the main subject of Christianity.

  • The Epistle to the Galatians

    Apostle Paul's clear statements in regards to the relationship with the Law and the new life unfolded through the Gospel.

  • The Book of Acts Series

    Uncovering lively and powerful movement of the Holy Spirit revealed through acts of apostles.

  • Soteriology

    The series goes through several books of the New Testament highlighting the topic of salvation and redemption.

  • Kingdom of Heaven

    Christian life participating advancing God's Kingdom on earth is profoundly discussed through diverse passages and references.

  • The Book of Mark

    Mark's account regarding Jesus life and His ministry. The series provide abundant sources of wisdom and guidance in Christian life.

Olivet Leadership Institute

Olivet Leadership Institute is an education organization of World Olivet Assembly that focuses on training future leaders in Christian ministries. The leadership institute was officially launched in January 2013 with the purpose to educate good Christian leaders in a more systematic way.

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